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Heavy Equipment Mechanician

Mécanicien machinerie lourde

By using our bank of highly qualified employees, we can offer you heavy machinery (heavy equipment) mechanicians. At Secours Mécanique Industrielle, we guarantee that our heavy machinery mechanicians detain all the necessary certifications and work efficiently and safely.

The main functions of a heavy equipment mechanician are to verify, repair, adjust and maintain all mobile equipment used in construction, natural resources exploitation (forests, mining, etc.), transportation, agriculture or other similar work.

In more details, its tasks may include:
- inspect heavy machinery such as tractors, cranes, shovels, graders, spreaders, dethatchers, excavators, plows, etc. in order to detect any problem, breakage or failure
- check the various systems and components of this equipment, such as hydraulic clutches and hydraulic brakes, manual transmissions, diesel engine injection systems, etc.
- establish the source of these failures or breakages, by using various specialized tools and inspection equipment, to determine the extent of the repair work to be carried out
- as appropriate, dismantle equipment, adjust, repair or replace defective parts or components, reassemble parts, by using manual or mechanical tools
- carry out the necessary tests to ensure the correct operation of the machinery thus repaired, and make the final adjustments or repairs if necessary
- ensure regular maintenance, including cleaning and lubrication, of the heavy machinery and of various accessories and components of any heavy equipment.

Secours mécanique Industrielle offers placement services none construction and does not act as a contractor or contractor approved by the CCQ as part of the labor rental offers of all the specialized services proposed.

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