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Fixed Machinery Mechanician

Mécanicien de machinerie fixe

The fixed machinery mechanicians whose Secours Mécanique Industrielle can rent you the services are employees holding a certification and all the required skills.

Fixed machinery mechanicians use and maintain various types of stationary machinery to heat, to light and to feed in energy or with other utilitarian services commercial, industrial and institutional buildings and other workplaces. Their main tasks are generally the following ones:

- in all types of buildings (schools, hospitals, factories, hotels, shops, etc.), ensure the proper functioning of the various installations: heating, ventilation, electricity, air conditioning, refrigeration, fire protection, etc.
- regularly inspect fixed machinery, in particular by taking and analyzing the various instrument readings (temperature, pressure, etc.)
- repair any electrical, mechanical or other defects in the various installations
- carry out leakage analyzes and fill the pumps if necessary
- perform procedures to stop machines if required
- adjust, fix and program fixed machinery control systems
- carry out regular maintenance of the equipment under his responsibility, in particular by lubricating the mobile components of the machines
- investigate the cause of breakdowns and take the necessary measures to resolve them
- carry out the necessary interventions in the machinery room in the event of an emergency such as fires, electrical breakdowns, accidents or major system failures. In these situations, work in close collaboration with various specialists (mechanics, firemen, technicians, security agents, engineers, etc.).

Secours mécanique Industrielle offers placement services none construction and does not act as a contractor or contractor approved by the CCQ as part of the labor rental offers of all the specialized services proposed.

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