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Secours Mécanique Industrielle offers the renting services of daily laborers

The laborers perform various simple manual work relating to the construction, maintenance, repair or renovation of buildings, land or other structures. They support skilled workers in their work and perform diverse tasks of help and support, mainly in none construction sites. These tasks may include among others:

- ensure the preparation and the cleaning of the construction sites
- take care of construction materials, by loading or unloading them and stacking them in the right places according to the work to be done
- assist skilled workers in carrying out their tasks. These skilled workers may be carpenters, roofers, glaziers, bricklayers, tile installers, cement-workers, etc.
- make the mixture of materials, such as concrete and asphalt, pour them and spread them according to the instructions
- help drivers of heavy equipment during the installation of special fasteners or guide them when they are moving
- assure the installation and the dismantling of various elements on construction sites, such as concrete formworks, walkways, barriers, scaffolding, etc.
- carry out the levelling of the ground with shovels, rakes or other tools, according to the transmitted specifications
- participate in demolition work, by using bar-levers or other equipment and ensuring that the debris is disposed of according to the criteria in force and the instructions received
- assist in the traffic and safety on none  construction sites.

Secours mécanique Industrielle offers placement services none construction and does not act as a contractor or contractor approved by the CCQ as part of the labor rental offers of all the specialized services proposed.

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